Thursday, 29 August 2013


So I thought I'd do some pictures and take a look at those jeans that have been calling me from the wardrobe once again.
Now I've been putting this off and I am still a little stalled in the weight loss department. Also given I'm working ALL weekend (sorry D) so therefore missing fathers day festivities.

Every so often lately D has asked me to spend time at home with him instead of flying off too work, training, workout, zumba, run or anything else. It's a fair request, sometimes I feel like we are ships that pass in the night and I know this is starting to bother him.

I don't see his request as selfish, if you think about the past few days activities Wed: Spin class, Tuesday: Education (brief coffee when handing over kids) Monday: Working PM shift, Sunday Working AM shift, Saturday: split SSS session, plus groceries, pre-cooking, a birthday party which ended with me asleep on the couch at 8pm.

Poor D is feeling the crunch when it comes to being time poor and is feeling a little neglected, I don't blame him as I know I've felt like that before. I NEED to ensure we have time together also but I'm not sure on the logistics of how to make that happen. We have always been a couple that relaxed with movies, TV and chocolate but now we are both a little unsure of what to do. We do still watch the idiot box, but not like we used too, and certainly without the snacks or for the same time frame that was pre 12wbt. Very scary stuff when you realize all those things you used to love just don't fit your life anymore, it has left a gap that I'm still seeking the answer for how to fill.

Suggestions welcome! 

Anyhoo back to the jeans!

When the first attempt was made I was sitting at 83.3kg.....

Today's attempt at 80.5kg,
If these pictures show anything it's that the scales really don't show everything going on with your body, for the past 3 weeks I've been smashing out strength workouts at the gym and although the scales report a 2.8kg difference the fact that the jeans can now almost reach my hips shows we are changing regardless of what the scales say.

They remain insanely tight on the thighs and obviously wont do up as yet.
But they will do,
Sooner rather than later I hope :)


  1. Oh wow the results are definitely showing!! How exciting! You must be working hard. As for D; Hugh and I like to have brunch every second week and we love that but that's us. Could you make something snacky to have, sit down with a whole season of something fun and have a relax? Could you walk together? But walk to somewhere where you can pick up a small ice-cream or even a small snack of some sort or a coffee? That way you're fixing exercise and a nice date night? Or really carve out some time to veg out together. Or even cook a nice 12WBT dessert together and eat together on the couch while watching something? Apple Tarts are easy/quick/tasty :)

  2. They most certainly will, keep at it.

    As for D, I feel we're a bit like that too. I've gone on the healthy, wanting to run, wanting to be out and about, kick whereas I essentially am a bit of a homebody. It's like Mike is looking at me and thinking 'who is this woman' ??

    Last year in day light saving we would take the dogs out for a walk after dinner, I loved that time, it's only a bit over 1km long the trail we took, but it was a nice time to spend together, win-win for the dogs. Although our old girl would struggling with 1km now, but I'm hanging out for DLS again, to think of something else we can do, to make it a nice habit to get into.