Friday, 23 August 2013

So Friday we meet again

Korean Omelette, tastiest thing I'd eaten in a long time! 
So I've been a little sidetracked, my focus has been elsewhere and I haven't been following the plan... or any plan once again my damage control motto was bought back out for a trial.
Speech path appointment went very well but unfortunately didn't help in making my choices for schools or specialists any easier.
I didn't eat badly, in fact I barely ate at all,
I have however drunk, a lot.

Today is a new day, my troubles are still around but wallowing in self pity and misery isn't doing me any favors. I'm on track and hibernating on Pajama Friday with the kids, and we did build a fort.

We have had porridge for breakfast and pancakes for lunch,
Great choices, not really but for a raining miserable day, winners.... pancakes are also good to have assistants help with my kitchen looks like a bomb's hit but I have 2 happy and contented kids who are slowly getting back into the habit of trying and sharing.

Budda baby
Master 4 

Tonight we are having chicken patties, Master 4 is all set to help but I need to clean the kitchen first.... are we noticing a diversion tactic here?

So I have goals,
I'll go to gym tonight and do my weights session from yesterday,
I will stick to calories today,
no more booze!

Tomorrow will be a new day again and I will be back with guns blazing,
I will not wallow,
I will be strong,

I will win in the end.

As a side note I went to an Intimo party last night, and was fitted for a bra, I had my own party in January this year and 90% of the things I got are now too big, I was a solid 18 (almost 20) or a 40 in intimo sizing... got myself a little set in 32C.... 3 sizes down... no cup loss... Thank god, my poor boobs have never been spectacular but I will be truly heartbroken if they shrink all together!


  1. Wow!! Three sizes down is awesome :) Also I'm glad that you have plans and goals, just take it all a step at a time for now until things level out again. You've got this.

  2. I can imagine you have an awful lot on your mind so great to know you're hanging in there with new goals. I'm cheering you on!