Monday, 12 August 2013

Round 3... ready... set... go!

So today marks the first day of round 3,

I am starting off a little on the back foot this time as my entire house has been in the throws of a lovely gastro bug that has put a real dampener on starting this round. The idea of having anything to do with dairy today was enough to send me straight back to bed so I'm all ready off the rails! eekkkk :(

If I remember correctly this happened at about the 2-3 week mark of the last round and I survived, so I'm sure it will be fine, I did entertain the idea of going for a run or doing a DVD today but after about 2 minutes of 30 day shred I found my stomach in knots so guessing exercise is off the planner for me today

I though I would take this self imposed rest day to actually set some proper goals, last round I had some fairly airy fairy goals... I will lose weight, I will run without stopping etc etc...

Given I have the time, I'm taking the opportunity right now to set some real goals, even if they aren't exactly to 12wbt structure,
so here goes,

Week 1:
Keep to calories, no sneaky treats and no additional extra's
Run at least once, and time a 5k so I have something to work at improving
At least 2 days of exercise as per Mish's plans. Last round I was all about the classes and making it up as I went along this round I will do as I'm told, she is the expert, not me!
I will focus on drinking water, no less than 8 cups, aim for 10-12 :)

Week 2:
Fire Trail or 1000 steps, once again timed event so I can go back and do it again and improve
Any excuses, wagged workouts, slip up's in eating are to be blogged as confessionals, no more hiding behind quick added calories on MFP.
Master 4 will see the speech path this week do NOT eat your feelings!
Exercise every day

Week 3:
Have the cleanest of clean weeks,
Go to the doctor about the hypnotherapy referral (I am a smoker, and have finally decided to take the plunge, I was given the number for a tried and tested therapist and am keen to give it a go)
Water/ water/ water 12 cups a day... minimum

Week 4:
Change it up, do something different every day to 'normal' extra weights and swimming? Try a new class, figure it out and smash it.
Refocus of food goals (it was around week 5 in round 2 when I started to slack in the meal planning department)

Week 5:
Run 5k, smash that time
Run 10k just to prove that you can
Refocus on mealtimes, eat at the table, together with the family as much as possible

Week 6: 
Re-do Fire Trail or 1000 steps, make it better than before
Will have lost 5kg by this point

Week 7:
Have you been doing core days? Really?
Time to start looking at Pilates/ yoga classes

Week 8:
Decision time, do I keep my gym membership or not? Short term membership will expire at the beginning of November, get on it!

Week 9:
Food and meal planning re-focus, reflect on what's been going on
Re-run 5k (without stopping)
Run 10k,
Book in for Sydney finale,

Week 10:
Change it up, different exercises this week
Run 10k at least twice this week.

Week 11:
October 26 - Melbourne Stampede, I have procrastinated the hell out of this. Once I get my tax I will register and I will do it. 10k... with obstacles, on my hands and knees if I must.

Week 12:
Keep it clean,
Will have lost 10kg!
Reflect celebrate and enjoy

Also I have decided to reward myself for staying on track! 
Under 80kg - New tea pot and assorted black tea's
5kg lost - full body massage and facial
Under 75 - Book in for pamper session at finale
10kg lost - Surprise.... not sure what bit it'll be good maybe an expensive dress for finale???


  1. Gasto is a pretty drastic weight loss method, so I hope those germs pack their bags & leave your place really soon :) Loved the way you have broken down each week with a list of goals and your rewards sound FAB! I feel motivated just reading! xx

  2. Your plan is excellent! This is really going to help you to get keep track of your progress and keep you accountable! Best wishes for this round! You're all set up to smash it!

    I hope you all get better quickly!

  3. I love the goals you have set out for yourself! That is pretty good... am thinking I should do something similar.. I am afraid of slipping up too and I want to have those goals clearly set in my mind (of the more specific kind).