Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Fallout

Tomorrow I will weigh in,
I will own the damage my lax weeks have caused.
Today I tracked on MFP for the first time in weeks and drank over Glasses of water.
I was defeated by the 1000 steps, but I will be back to conquer you soon, minus the nausea and light-headed episode...

This was my dinner..... For over 400 cal per serve I am reminded why I don't 'do' pre-packaged foods.

But it was Tasty as!

I am reminded why I need to be the best me. Christmas is a time for indulgence, family and festivities 

And I want plenty more with my beautiful family.

Today was the day I got up and started again, and I am proud :) 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Round 1....

So today this happened...

My email dinged and surly enough there is Mish staring at me from the screen.
It's safe to say that this 'going it alone' has been a fairly epic fail
I can make all the excuses in the world but obviously I still need the program, so today I've signed up for round 1.
It's a hard time of year, I get that,
But I deserve this, I deserve to be the healthiest version of myself
So with the silly season well in throw, I'm going to allow myself to enduldge, I have a dinner and movie date with the girls tonight ;)
I will use my brain on Christmas day and not be ashamed of what I eat but be in tune with what I feel and be joyful.
On my days of rest I will follow the previously printed MB plans
I will be healthy, I may have met my goals for this year... but I am still obese so still have work to do.

I will be doing C25K in the preseason... if it's going well then I will be doing the 10k program.
I'm not a runner, but I will be soon.

Merry Christmas,

Also I apologize for not reading blogs,
I'll be checking in with you all daily from now on xoxo

Friday, 6 December 2013

Quick one

Things have been a bit chaotic here,
Christmas has well and truly creeped up on me this year and my lack of organization is not normal.
We also suffered a tragic loss at Master 4's Kinder which meant alot of additional responsibilities needed to be picked up and given my cant say no habit I took a few additional things on.
Intimo is going well, it is far more busy and rewarding than I had anticipated and although things are slowing down now due to Christmas I'm still staying very busy which is very nice.
My kids are both well, even though last night they took a swim in some moster puddles during the kinder Christmas party. Turns out I am the parent to 'those kids' you know the ones that come home covered in mud when everyone else has muddy knee's and shoes. In saying that they are happy and that in turn makes me happy.... most of the time.
I've stopped smoking, it's not been easy but I'm very chuffed that it has happened. So I've not been weighing in as any weight gain is probably due to that and I will tackle it once I'm feeling free and clear of the cigarettes.
My diet has been ok, though my planning has been terrible. I can come up with a million reasons but really they are just excuses I failed to plan and am paying the price.

Life is good, even if a little chaotic

Special shout to Carol who has been checking up on me, love your work woman!