Friday, 28 June 2013

Pajama Friday

Due to the kids commitments, Friday has always been a PJ day for us. We chill out at home and I attempt to not make plans for us to do anything I've always believed it helps the kids to reboot and reset after a big week. It's also a rest day for me not needing to go anywhere or ran the kids I also tend to 'attempt' my workouts at home on a Friday and staying in is also good for my sanity!
Since commencing the 12wbt I've noticed a slight shift in the workings of Pajama Day. We used to actually stay in our pj's all day and sit in front of the TV or do 'inside fun' which generally revolved around doing as little as possible and having take away for dinner.
Now we stay home but we actually 'do stuff' we cook, or play games outside and generally try and do fun stuff together. Normally Friday is when you would see mfp ping with an hour of wii with master 4 or kicking the ball around outside. Recently due to the weather, Fridays have been massive fort constructions and craft things... that I swore I would never ever EVER do at home... because of the mess... that I might need to move from said couch to clean up!

Not today, though miss 1 was happy to assist getting the Moroccan lamb shanks in the slow cooker Master 4 wasn't interested. We attempted to play wii but while waiting for a change of game Master 4 decided to draw on the white carpet with blue crayon...
Granted said carpet is about 30 years old but that's not the point....
He was given a time out, made to clean up the mess and was told there would be no further wii entertainment for the rest of the day. After he sheepishly returned from time out he was given lunch (tuna and spinach wraps) and continued to keep a low profile.

He asked if we could bake cake... or cookies... I said no.... offered to make something that wasn't sweet and he wasn't interested.
He asked if he could have the crayon's back... I said no...
He read Miss 1 a story.... he read me a story...
He changed outfits about 4 times and decided that the over shoulder look really should be in this season despite the obvious floors when being worn in sub-zero temperatures.

he watched the TV... what we used to do ALL day on a Friday has become a last resort activity :D

As a side note, while both kids were happily entertaining one another I decided to do a sneaky and crack out the wii Zumba for 45 minutes....

and paid the ultimate price....

Have I mentioned Miss 1 is obsessed with toilet paper
Living room looked a little like a snowstorm... and Master 4 decided a jar of Vegemite is a perfectly acceptable snack when mummy wasn't watching....

That'll teach me for trusting the quiet!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bad habits return

This week I've noticed the re-appearance of a few bad habits.
That sneaky chocolate bar from the servo,
too many cookies to accompany my tea,
late night yummy consumption in front of the TV
the night that I 'couldn't be bothered' so had pizza for tea, and the two days I had Red rooster for lunch... because I had to work....


These are all relic's from my old life and it has shown me how quickly they can sneak back in without you noticing. I think the majority of my weight gain was due to those 'sneaky snacks' because I know I used to eat McD's on the way home from work most nights... scary thing now I look at it, no wonder I was pushing 110kg.
Today was the kicker and the eye opener playgroup this morning so my breakfast consisted of biscuits, coffee and some shapes with dip...
Was asked to make fairy bread for kinder today so allowed white bread to enter my house...
Massive mistake I have eaten 6 slices of toast with butter....

That my friends is my food diary for today!
Is it part of the food plan.... I don't think so

However that tiny little light bulb dinged away inside my head, biscuit in hand, round 7 and 8 of buttered toast cooking away and I thought 'why am I doing this?'
So I threw said foods in the bin.
In an attempt to redeem myself I have the corn chowder simmering away on the stove, but I'll be passing on the accompanying bread.

I will be doing the zumba double tonight... even though I was up at 5am to do an RPM class this morning.

I am not a slave to my bad habits and even though the devil on my shoulder says says I should throw it all in and have a gorging fest I am doing my best to beat that little bugger down with a big stick.

The above image landed in my Facebook news feed yesterday, and It still makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it.

Because I am that girl,
Probability is high I always will be,
but you know what, if 90% of the time I can focus on my goals and be that girl for the other 10% I'll be one happy camper.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Today I broke the the 4 week standoff that has been occurring with my scales and finally dropped below 85kg. I am most excited as 85kg was my pre-12wbt September goal with the long term goal of being under 80 by NYE this year.

I'm thinking it may be time to reassess that goal!

My internet was very rudely slowed to a snails pace due to master 4's habit of streaming ABC of the ipad then leaving it unattended only to start the stream again... the cheeky bugger has now worked out to install the app from the app store so deleting it is no longer a solution. Needless to say said technology has taken up residence in the shelf about the stove.

I am trying to think of ways to change up my exercise routines a little so have been swimming with the kids twice last week, I am thinking of having a go at an aqua aerobics class, just for something different. Did cycle at gym on Monday morning instead of running also my circuit class also recommenced last week and my SSS was a smash. Have a masterclass Saturday night so hoping that will take care of my SSS this week. Supposed to be at gym tonight for attack but my partner in crime had her wisdom's out so isn't sure if she can or not. I'm trying to think of something different to try but have yet to be struck by inspiration.
Master 4 and I had some post swimming ice cream yesterday but it was so worth it. I've found this week I've been around 80% complaint with the program, though on average am consuming around 1300 cal a day rather than the recommended 1200. For the moment it's working so I'll go with it as I think my head for some bizarre reason seems to think 1300 is a much more reasonable amount.... not sure on the origin of that logic but it is what it is.

Half way point of 12wbt, part of me can't believe i'm still going strong. The other part is furious I didn't sign up sooner!

Friday, 14 June 2013


Had told myself there would be no shopping until the completion of the 12wbt....

Can't resist a bargain....

Especially in a size 14 :o 

I haven't seen a size 14 since high school ...

Happy Fistpump Friday to me

Tally up

I realised this morning it had been a while since I have reported in on my kids and the overall success of the 12wbt vs my cherubs...

We had a great success with the chicken and leek pies both kids devoured them even my daughter who's serve seemed monstrous cleaned her plate.


Both have been having a love affair with wraps much to my delight and have been happily consuming them with gusto. Master 4 has started requesting 'rats' for his kinder lunchbox.
We have swapped in the 'bacon and egg roll a few times and both kids happily consumed half each. 
Due to my non-consistent weeks I confess a lot of meals were made for the adults while the kids were prepared their own dishes... 
Chances that was adding to my stress level very likely! 

Miss 1 and I have has the couscous breakfast a few times now and Master 4 had it for afternoon tea yesterday. I was very skeptical about it but so glad I took the plunge and tried it!

The other hands down winner has been the beef tangine, the whole family LOVED it. I did it in the slow cooker and was Starving by 5pm... Smelt and tasted Devine.

New Tally
12wbt: 20 kids: 3

(No meals have been refused by both kids in the past week)

*happy dance* 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What just happened?

I can't believe that it's Tuesday,
What on earth happened to the past week, it's like I blinked and missed it.
 Unfortunately I look back at the failings of last week and feel that I haven't come very far in improving my attitude or organization. My exercise has been haphazard, I wagged my run yesterday as the kids were home due to the public holiday. I have double zumba to make it up tonight.

I have had a little amount of family drama. My half sister has decided after 10 years of being estranged to attempt to re-connect with this side of the family. A lot of hurt has been done and many issues will need to be worked through she also has full time custody of her son who is 16, and he still has a book I gave to him when he was 4 the last time I set eyes on him he was younger than my son. It has made for a very introspective time and really working out what is important and creating clear boundaries. I meet with her on Sunday and she was upset but understanding that I had come alone, though she desperately wants a relationship with my kids.
My father is very selfish, and unfortunately that is the person we share. She is desperate to see him and prove that she has come a long way from her last contact. It was heartbreaking to try and explain that he lives in a bubble that don't include myself or my children so her chances of being able to reconnect with him are not great.
I will continue to see her and keep everything crossed that she continues on the path she is on, both for herself and my nephew. As you can imagine it has been an emotionally charged week.
I have had issues at work also this week but they have needed to go on the back burner for the time being. Sooner or later I'll drag that soap box out to climb upon and preach to anyone who will listen.

This weeks mini mission is to stick to the meal plan 100%, today so far so good,
yesterday... not so good.
I will also be aiming for that 9:30 bedtime, now game of thrones has finished I have no excuse to be up late munching popcorn.

Until tomorrow

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lazy Saturday Adventures

Given it's a long weekend I decided to customize a few meals this weekend. We will all be home together with the exception of my working commitments so should be a great family weekend. I completed my SSS last night doing an EPIC masterclass.

I'm a little proud of this count! 

I even wagged the end because of my 5am start with Master 4 and it was running late, but 9:45 I was cactus so had to call it a day.

Had a little adventure while shopping this morning and forgot half a dozen things.
Had myself a lovely massage.... ahhhh!
About to pre-cook for the next 3 days but enjoying my pot of countess grey tea first.

Master 4 has requested a go on the wii, so will fire that up for a while this afternoon

Also, my kids had celery with peanut butter, snow pea's, capsicum and cherry tomato's with tatziki to dip in for lunch. I had planned to take pictures but they polished it off before I had a chance.

Massive winner, if I dont lose another kg today showed my that this program is worth every penny!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Week 4 Weigh in Wednesday

Today I lost 200g

For some reason my mind continues to flutter back to a forum post that I have been stalking, that asks How committed are you?
I feel 100% committed, like I paid for this thing so now I WILL complete it... Grrr! I Track everything and I stress over meals and shopping lists, even on non pay week which makes it even harder. I feel that my commitment has not waned or devotion to the program.
However, If I am honest this week I've not been following the meal plan... well I have been eating the meals but not as the plan sets out. We swap days around or a dinner from Monday and a lunch from Thursday and my snacks are really not great.
I keep within calories most day but when my snacks are made up of 4 ginger nut snaps and flake all eaten after 10pm surely isn't the plan that MB had in mind. I think I need to go back to basic's and not play with the meal plan, surely the meals are in that order for a reason.
My exercise has been haphazard at best,  A few days of using my fitbit burn and wagging workouts but that's life for me, sometimes an addition 4 hours per day would be ideal. When I do work out, I smash it for everything I've got.

So although my compliance level with the plan could be rated at around 50% this last week, I feel my commitment to the program is still very strong.

                 Last weeks winner, fried rice... everyone ate this! 

My goals for this week,
1) Improve my snacks, go through the suggestions and actually prepare some wholesome and filling things not just treats and coffee.
2) I will complete all of my exercise this week, no excuses
3) I will stick to the meal plan, no more swapping, or if I do need to shuffle I'll move whole days rather than meals.

These past 4 weeks have been a journey for me, but not a negative one, I don't feel deprived, my hunger is sated and  I love not having to come up with meal idea's on my own. My partner and kids have adapted and are supportive and helpful with keeping me on track most of the time.
I am wearing my size 16 jeans and they aren't even tight, they fit well and I love myself sick in them.
My stamina has improved 10 fold on what it was before the program started, I now jump, run and sweat buckets when doing zumba and les mills classes, where before I ALWAYS took the low options, now I only take them if I need too.
My love affair with my teapot and assorted herbal blends knows no bounds and if I anyone had told me that I would be drinking tea over coffee 5 weeks ago I would have laughed in their faces.
I can overcome obstacles, say no to treats and still function when i'm sick, or my kids are sick.
I am almost ready to quit smoking, to the point where money is tight enough that I'm willing to give them up for a gym membership.... (who is this person?)

So I'll take my 200g loss, it might not be impressive and it may reflect a week of poor choices but they were mine to make and I don't regret them. A loss is still a loss and overall 4kg in 4 weeks is nothing to be laughed at.

Alas Miss 1 is very unwell so the past 2 days have meant lots of cuddles and thinking up new and exciting ways to coax her into eating and taking medicine. Master 4 is taking it in his stride and being a very loving a supportive big brother. Yesterday after realizing that I'd eaten nothing at 2pm and scoffed down a ham and cheese toastie I did feel guilty but I also knew it was the best  I could do. Being mummy comes first and sometimes despite our best intentions life does come to a halt and we just do the best we can. It's not always pretty but it's life. Damage control mode is better than out of control and the fact I still have half a block of lidnt chocolate in the pantry means things are changing.

Changes aren't always bad and scary, so even though I'm tired and a little hungry from not eating breakfast until 1030 I feel that I've stepped into a brand new world, and I like the way it looks.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Anatomy of a run

Monday morning are my almost my favorite days of the week. Despite work in the afternoons both of my darling kiddies are off to childcare giving mummy her weekly dose of sanity.
To my utter surprise 99% this free time is spent exercising, without calls or distractions just sweat and silence.
That little devil rears his head most days with the whispered temptation to stay home and jump back into bed with my book... I Deserve time off... why waste it exercising...
Proud to say that most of the time I barely register the devil voice on this topic.

At the beginning of the year I invested in a little app called Zombies run.
If you've not seen or heard of it check it out. I like a little story line when out and had geared towards audio books rather than music... this is a happy medium in my books! It's GPS tracked so gives me little report at the end on how far i've run and how many zombies I evaded... yes it makes you run away from zombies....

I digress!
This morning it's been cold wet and raining and that fine haze was still present, I had tied my shoes, set my HRM and was out the door.

Normally I run through the local primary school but given it was after 9 common sense provaled and I took the long way around the suburb doing interval runs on the pavement, did a lap of the football field and before I knew it was in the reserve.

Due to more rain and muddy track I chose this point to stop the intervals and continue along the path at a brisk walk. Watched my HRM to ensure that I didn't drop below 130.

I encountered a few people with dogs, coats and beanies on giving me strange looks and I huffed on past with my 3/4 pants, short sleeves and red face. A few stray good mornings and comments on the weather.

Now to reach home again I need to tackle this    ------->

Doesn't look like much but when your already puffed out and at the end of your energy stores this little challenge is ready to force that final blast out.
Let me tell you, sometimes I've been known to do an extra lap just to put this monster off.
I keep telling myself that one day I will start in the other direction because these rolling hills continue for a long way past my modest little house but currently I'm afraid that much exertion may land me in the hospital.... so another time maybe?

Watch this space as I'm sure this whole experience will improve. I kept seeing quotes centering around what used to be hard will one day be your warm-up last week and I would LOVE myself sick the day I went up this hill as a warm up.


Saturday, 1 June 2013

SSS = fail

I sat down today to write and confess my sin's of the day however when I look at the big picture it's really not so bad.

I did not complete my planned SSS today, I had my alarm set for 5:45am and awoke to the sound of pouring rain. I text my exercise partner who was in agreeance that our well laid plans to conquer the 1000 steps at 7am were a bust. SO I rolled over, I went back to sleep.
My darling D got up to the kids resulting in a mummy sleep in until 9am....
All good you say, I NEVER get to sleep in... I flew out of bed kissed my kids and went through the what now possibilities in my head... 9:15 zumba, wouldn't make it in time.... 9:30 body attack at gym.... It was a go...
I flew from bed and pulled my workout gear on, ran around like a mad woman attempting to locate my runners which as it turns out had been artfully hidden in the drier by Miss 1... by this stage it was all ready 9:30.... I stood at the door keys in hand and glanced at the clock...
9:35... *insert expletive here*

Master 4 then had a meltdown... 'Mummy I don't want you to go, just stay home and play with me' complete with tears and a vice like grip on my legs. I asked if he wanted to do a DVD with me .....
No... more tears
I asked if he wanted to play the wii?
On ground fists hitting the floorboards.... 'NOOOOOOO!'

So I stayed, we sat on the couch snuggling under his doona watching How to Train your dragon for the millionth time. I made popcorn and we sat, we laughed and we snuggled. Not what I had in mind but to be honest given how busy we've been lately and how little mummy time he has had recently It was a sacrifice I was willing to go with.

I thought about running, but it was still pouring rain.... so I abandoned all hope of an SSS workout today.

At midday we were in a mad rush to go and visit some friends who had finally been discharged from hospital after suffering burns courtesy of a pressure cooker. Kids packed into car with minimal fuss, bag packed, and we were on the road....
"mummy I'm hungry" came the familiar call from the back seat.... and it dawned on me, in all of our organizational glory we had neglected to feed the kids lunch, we were early so we stopped at McD's...

No-one gets a prize for guessing what happens next!

Fast forward to this evening, making dinner, making lunch for work tomorrow.... a return trip to the supermarket after we neglected to pick up a bacon hock on the first trip thus making my slow cooker soup not happening tomorrow....


Now for the positives,
I spent quality fun mummy and son time with Master 4, which was long neglected
I calorie counted all the badness consumed at lunch, that once entered wasn't 'that bad'
I said no to Tim tams, chocolate cake, and muffins when out at our friends and still had a lovely time
Instead of putting everything in the too hard basket all my prep for the next 2 days of working madness has been completed despite being tempted to wag it.
I drank all my water
My calories are over but not by 1000, only by 200.... given the circumstances that was a fair achievement.
My kids went to bed happy and tired.
Instead of eating the block of chocolate we have in the pantry... I ate one peice.... and tracked it!

My normal mentality of I've stuffed it now I can eat whatever I want reared its ugly head and I didn't succumb to it's seductive melody.... instead I made a cup of tea... and sat down to write...

Not such a bad day after all.