Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bad habits return

This week I've noticed the re-appearance of a few bad habits.
That sneaky chocolate bar from the servo,
too many cookies to accompany my tea,
late night yummy consumption in front of the TV
the night that I 'couldn't be bothered' so had pizza for tea, and the two days I had Red rooster for lunch... because I had to work....


These are all relic's from my old life and it has shown me how quickly they can sneak back in without you noticing. I think the majority of my weight gain was due to those 'sneaky snacks' because I know I used to eat McD's on the way home from work most nights... scary thing now I look at it, no wonder I was pushing 110kg.
Today was the kicker and the eye opener playgroup this morning so my breakfast consisted of biscuits, coffee and some shapes with dip...
Was asked to make fairy bread for kinder today so allowed white bread to enter my house...
Massive mistake I have eaten 6 slices of toast with butter....

That my friends is my food diary for today!
Is it part of the food plan.... I don't think so

However that tiny little light bulb dinged away inside my head, biscuit in hand, round 7 and 8 of buttered toast cooking away and I thought 'why am I doing this?'
So I threw said foods in the bin.
In an attempt to redeem myself I have the corn chowder simmering away on the stove, but I'll be passing on the accompanying bread.

I will be doing the zumba double tonight... even though I was up at 5am to do an RPM class this morning.

I am not a slave to my bad habits and even though the devil on my shoulder says says I should throw it all in and have a gorging fest I am doing my best to beat that little bugger down with a big stick.

The above image landed in my Facebook news feed yesterday, and It still makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it.

Because I am that girl,
Probability is high I always will be,
but you know what, if 90% of the time I can focus on my goals and be that girl for the other 10% I'll be one happy camper.


  1. I'm hearing you, how easy it is to let those old (and quick) habits sneak back in. Says I who just had a biscuit with my cuppa, a biscuit we would not normally have in the house, but my husband bought a packet because he had a business associate over tonight. Gaaaaah! Now I have a half eaten open packet of biscuits sitting on the bench.

    Whew! Okay that's out of my system. The thing is you are acknowledging it. Would the old you have done that or just kept on ploughing through everything that came your way. Acknowledge it, own it, learn from it and move on. :-)


  2. You're doing so well and have come so far. Keep going! I'm cheering you on :)