Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Week 4 Weigh in Wednesday

Today I lost 200g

For some reason my mind continues to flutter back to a forum post that I have been stalking, that asks How committed are you?
I feel 100% committed, like I paid for this thing so now I WILL complete it... Grrr! I Track everything and I stress over meals and shopping lists, even on non pay week which makes it even harder. I feel that my commitment has not waned or devotion to the program.
However, If I am honest this week I've not been following the meal plan... well I have been eating the meals but not as the plan sets out. We swap days around or a dinner from Monday and a lunch from Thursday and my snacks are really not great.
I keep within calories most day but when my snacks are made up of 4 ginger nut snaps and flake all eaten after 10pm surely isn't the plan that MB had in mind. I think I need to go back to basic's and not play with the meal plan, surely the meals are in that order for a reason.
My exercise has been haphazard at best,  A few days of using my fitbit burn and wagging workouts but that's life for me, sometimes an addition 4 hours per day would be ideal. When I do work out, I smash it for everything I've got.

So although my compliance level with the plan could be rated at around 50% this last week, I feel my commitment to the program is still very strong.

                 Last weeks winner, fried rice... everyone ate this! 

My goals for this week,
1) Improve my snacks, go through the suggestions and actually prepare some wholesome and filling things not just treats and coffee.
2) I will complete all of my exercise this week, no excuses
3) I will stick to the meal plan, no more swapping, or if I do need to shuffle I'll move whole days rather than meals.

These past 4 weeks have been a journey for me, but not a negative one, I don't feel deprived, my hunger is sated and  I love not having to come up with meal idea's on my own. My partner and kids have adapted and are supportive and helpful with keeping me on track most of the time.
I am wearing my size 16 jeans and they aren't even tight, they fit well and I love myself sick in them.
My stamina has improved 10 fold on what it was before the program started, I now jump, run and sweat buckets when doing zumba and les mills classes, where before I ALWAYS took the low options, now I only take them if I need too.
My love affair with my teapot and assorted herbal blends knows no bounds and if I anyone had told me that I would be drinking tea over coffee 5 weeks ago I would have laughed in their faces.
I can overcome obstacles, say no to treats and still function when i'm sick, or my kids are sick.
I am almost ready to quit smoking, to the point where money is tight enough that I'm willing to give them up for a gym membership.... (who is this person?)

So I'll take my 200g loss, it might not be impressive and it may reflect a week of poor choices but they were mine to make and I don't regret them. A loss is still a loss and overall 4kg in 4 weeks is nothing to be laughed at.

Alas Miss 1 is very unwell so the past 2 days have meant lots of cuddles and thinking up new and exciting ways to coax her into eating and taking medicine. Master 4 is taking it in his stride and being a very loving a supportive big brother. Yesterday after realizing that I'd eaten nothing at 2pm and scoffed down a ham and cheese toastie I did feel guilty but I also knew it was the best  I could do. Being mummy comes first and sometimes despite our best intentions life does come to a halt and we just do the best we can. It's not always pretty but it's life. Damage control mode is better than out of control and the fact I still have half a block of lidnt chocolate in the pantry means things are changing.

Changes aren't always bad and scary, so even though I'm tired and a little hungry from not eating breakfast until 1030 I feel that I've stepped into a brand new world, and I like the way it looks.


  1. So many positives and your head is still in the right place! A bit of an off week can just be taken in your stride as your move forward. Very best wishes! I hope that Miss 1 feels better soon.

  2. 'Damage control mode is better than out of control mode' - Amen to that! I agree with the lovely Emily, so many positives and steps forward. Keep going, you're doing so well.

  3. I've mucked about with the meals, mixed and matched since day one so you're not alone there. I think you're going okay, don't be your worst critic, okay. The best part of your post ... "they fit well and I love myself sick in them."

    That's reward enough for all that you've gone through. Keep going!!!