Friday, 14 June 2013

Tally up

I realised this morning it had been a while since I have reported in on my kids and the overall success of the 12wbt vs my cherubs...

We had a great success with the chicken and leek pies both kids devoured them even my daughter who's serve seemed monstrous cleaned her plate.


Both have been having a love affair with wraps much to my delight and have been happily consuming them with gusto. Master 4 has started requesting 'rats' for his kinder lunchbox.
We have swapped in the 'bacon and egg roll a few times and both kids happily consumed half each. 
Due to my non-consistent weeks I confess a lot of meals were made for the adults while the kids were prepared their own dishes... 
Chances that was adding to my stress level very likely! 

Miss 1 and I have has the couscous breakfast a few times now and Master 4 had it for afternoon tea yesterday. I was very skeptical about it but so glad I took the plunge and tried it!

The other hands down winner has been the beef tangine, the whole family LOVED it. I did it in the slow cooker and was Starving by 5pm... Smelt and tasted Devine.

New Tally
12wbt: 20 kids: 3

(No meals have been refused by both kids in the past week)

*happy dance* 


  1. No meals refused this week?! Awesome!! I'm glad that everything has been going well :)

  2. Definite happy dance for the meals. They look like they're enjoying them for sure.