Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Today I broke the the 4 week standoff that has been occurring with my scales and finally dropped below 85kg. I am most excited as 85kg was my pre-12wbt September goal with the long term goal of being under 80 by NYE this year.

I'm thinking it may be time to reassess that goal!

My internet was very rudely slowed to a snails pace due to master 4's habit of streaming ABC of the ipad then leaving it unattended only to start the stream again... the cheeky bugger has now worked out to install the app from the app store so deleting it is no longer a solution. Needless to say said technology has taken up residence in the shelf about the stove.

I am trying to think of ways to change up my exercise routines a little so have been swimming with the kids twice last week, I am thinking of having a go at an aqua aerobics class, just for something different. Did cycle at gym on Monday morning instead of running also my circuit class also recommenced last week and my SSS was a smash. Have a masterclass Saturday night so hoping that will take care of my SSS this week. Supposed to be at gym tonight for attack but my partner in crime had her wisdom's out so isn't sure if she can or not. I'm trying to think of something different to try but have yet to be struck by inspiration.
Master 4 and I had some post swimming ice cream yesterday but it was so worth it. I've found this week I've been around 80% complaint with the program, though on average am consuming around 1300 cal a day rather than the recommended 1200. For the moment it's working so I'll go with it as I think my head for some bizarre reason seems to think 1300 is a much more reasonable amount.... not sure on the origin of that logic but it is what it is.

Half way point of 12wbt, part of me can't believe i'm still going strong. The other part is furious I didn't sign up sooner!


  1. woohoo! I bet cracking that barrier felt great! definitely time to reassess the goal. You'll be there way before NYE :-)

  2. Congrats on breaking the standoff!! Sorry about the extra paperwork but I think you will definitely need to change those goals! Great work trying out all different exercises as well :) Hopefully you will find something that you really love.

  3. That's absolutely fantastic, under 85, go you!!! I know what you mean about being so pleased that you're still going strong but furious for not signing up earlier. I wonder where I'd be now if I'd signed up 2 years ago, kicking myself I'd never heard the words 12wbt before last year. But then again, maybe my head wouldn't have been in the place it was in when I did sign up. The main thing you're doing it now. Keep up the great work.


  4. Congratulations!! 1300 calories is absolutely reasonable.