Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lazy Saturday Adventures

Given it's a long weekend I decided to customize a few meals this weekend. We will all be home together with the exception of my working commitments so should be a great family weekend. I completed my SSS last night doing an EPIC masterclass.

I'm a little proud of this count! 

I even wagged the end because of my 5am start with Master 4 and it was running late, but 9:45 I was cactus so had to call it a day.

Had a little adventure while shopping this morning and forgot half a dozen things.
Had myself a lovely massage.... ahhhh!
About to pre-cook for the next 3 days but enjoying my pot of countess grey tea first.

Master 4 has requested a go on the wii, so will fire that up for a while this afternoon

Also, my kids had celery with peanut butter, snow pea's, capsicum and cherry tomato's with tatziki to dip in for lunch. I had planned to take pictures but they polished it off before I had a chance.

Massive winner, if I dont lose another kg today showed my that this program is worth every penny!

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  1. You should be incredibly proud of that result. I'd be shouting it out and printing it on t-shirts. Crikeys. A+ to the massage, aaaahhhhh! Reward bliss.