Monday, 3 June 2013

Anatomy of a run

Monday morning are my almost my favorite days of the week. Despite work in the afternoons both of my darling kiddies are off to childcare giving mummy her weekly dose of sanity.
To my utter surprise 99% this free time is spent exercising, without calls or distractions just sweat and silence.
That little devil rears his head most days with the whispered temptation to stay home and jump back into bed with my book... I Deserve time off... why waste it exercising...
Proud to say that most of the time I barely register the devil voice on this topic.

At the beginning of the year I invested in a little app called Zombies run.
If you've not seen or heard of it check it out. I like a little story line when out and had geared towards audio books rather than music... this is a happy medium in my books! It's GPS tracked so gives me little report at the end on how far i've run and how many zombies I evaded... yes it makes you run away from zombies....

I digress!
This morning it's been cold wet and raining and that fine haze was still present, I had tied my shoes, set my HRM and was out the door.

Normally I run through the local primary school but given it was after 9 common sense provaled and I took the long way around the suburb doing interval runs on the pavement, did a lap of the football field and before I knew it was in the reserve.

Due to more rain and muddy track I chose this point to stop the intervals and continue along the path at a brisk walk. Watched my HRM to ensure that I didn't drop below 130.

I encountered a few people with dogs, coats and beanies on giving me strange looks and I huffed on past with my 3/4 pants, short sleeves and red face. A few stray good mornings and comments on the weather.

Now to reach home again I need to tackle this    ------->

Doesn't look like much but when your already puffed out and at the end of your energy stores this little challenge is ready to force that final blast out.
Let me tell you, sometimes I've been known to do an extra lap just to put this monster off.
I keep telling myself that one day I will start in the other direction because these rolling hills continue for a long way past my modest little house but currently I'm afraid that much exertion may land me in the hospital.... so another time maybe?

Watch this space as I'm sure this whole experience will improve. I kept seeing quotes centering around what used to be hard will one day be your warm-up last week and I would LOVE myself sick the day I went up this hill as a warm up.


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