Saturday, 1 June 2013

SSS = fail

I sat down today to write and confess my sin's of the day however when I look at the big picture it's really not so bad.

I did not complete my planned SSS today, I had my alarm set for 5:45am and awoke to the sound of pouring rain. I text my exercise partner who was in agreeance that our well laid plans to conquer the 1000 steps at 7am were a bust. SO I rolled over, I went back to sleep.
My darling D got up to the kids resulting in a mummy sleep in until 9am....
All good you say, I NEVER get to sleep in... I flew out of bed kissed my kids and went through the what now possibilities in my head... 9:15 zumba, wouldn't make it in time.... 9:30 body attack at gym.... It was a go...
I flew from bed and pulled my workout gear on, ran around like a mad woman attempting to locate my runners which as it turns out had been artfully hidden in the drier by Miss 1... by this stage it was all ready 9:30.... I stood at the door keys in hand and glanced at the clock...
9:35... *insert expletive here*

Master 4 then had a meltdown... 'Mummy I don't want you to go, just stay home and play with me' complete with tears and a vice like grip on my legs. I asked if he wanted to do a DVD with me .....
No... more tears
I asked if he wanted to play the wii?
On ground fists hitting the floorboards.... 'NOOOOOOO!'

So I stayed, we sat on the couch snuggling under his doona watching How to Train your dragon for the millionth time. I made popcorn and we sat, we laughed and we snuggled. Not what I had in mind but to be honest given how busy we've been lately and how little mummy time he has had recently It was a sacrifice I was willing to go with.

I thought about running, but it was still pouring rain.... so I abandoned all hope of an SSS workout today.

At midday we were in a mad rush to go and visit some friends who had finally been discharged from hospital after suffering burns courtesy of a pressure cooker. Kids packed into car with minimal fuss, bag packed, and we were on the road....
"mummy I'm hungry" came the familiar call from the back seat.... and it dawned on me, in all of our organizational glory we had neglected to feed the kids lunch, we were early so we stopped at McD's...

No-one gets a prize for guessing what happens next!

Fast forward to this evening, making dinner, making lunch for work tomorrow.... a return trip to the supermarket after we neglected to pick up a bacon hock on the first trip thus making my slow cooker soup not happening tomorrow....


Now for the positives,
I spent quality fun mummy and son time with Master 4, which was long neglected
I calorie counted all the badness consumed at lunch, that once entered wasn't 'that bad'
I said no to Tim tams, chocolate cake, and muffins when out at our friends and still had a lovely time
Instead of putting everything in the too hard basket all my prep for the next 2 days of working madness has been completed despite being tempted to wag it.
I drank all my water
My calories are over but not by 1000, only by 200.... given the circumstances that was a fair achievement.
My kids went to bed happy and tired.
Instead of eating the block of chocolate we have in the pantry... I ate one peice.... and tracked it!

My normal mentality of I've stuffed it now I can eat whatever I want reared its ugly head and I didn't succumb to it's seductive melody.... instead I made a cup of tea... and sat down to write...

Not such a bad day after all.


  1. I remember when we were writing our goals and hurdles at the start of this round. One of my hurdles was when my 3yo woke up and just needed an hour long cuddle.

    She is a little girl and it is a need, and being a stay-at-home-mum it is a big part of my job, it is out of my control in many ways. I don't know if today she is going to be up and happy or needing an hour long cuddle. It does indeed throw out the workout plans.

    I know I realised a while ago that, despite loving morning exercise, that as a mum afternoon exercise was so much easier for us.

    Cass @

  2. For every negative you had positives that far far outweighed it, so good for you. Mummy time is just as rewarding as SSS anyway. And yes when all said and done I'd call it a pretty positive day. Funny how in our mind it can be disastrous, but when you nut it out it's okay.


  3. I'm glad that it didn't end up being too bad and that you got spend some quality time with your son :)

  4. Hope your extra sleep and the special time with your little fellow helped you recharge to face Week 4. All the best!