Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday, started well

FFS Friday,
I was planning to miss today's as I had nothing to complain about....
The universe delivers....

Attempting zen, excuse the background chaos
D agreed that we could go to Sydney for finale... no FFS

Family was up and dressed by 8am no fights or drama... no FFS

After the quick fire gastro saga last week Miss 1 is now a raging snot monster.... FFS

Decided this morning we would all go to the park anyways rather than be stuck at home again... no FFS

Though windy everywhere else in Victoria the chosen venue was somehow calm and peaceful, even warm... no FFS

Met up with another mum, kids played nicely, no tears or arguments... no FFS

Other mum's mum came to collect kids... and deliver a skinny latte and a multitude of compliments... no FFS

Kids wrangled into car with minimal fuss.... no FFS

Decided to drive through MickyD's as a treat to children for good behavior... no FFS
Part of Master 4's selfie portfolio 

Realised I'd neglected to eat breakfast... FFS

Coffee was making my stomach rumble... FFS

Ordered Cheeseburger..... FFS!!!!

Arrived home, fed children, put Miss 1 to bed... no FFS

Attempted to do today's stretching video... no FFS

Master 4 decided he wanted in on the action.... no FFS

Video wouldn't play properly... FFS

Attempted to recitfy, no go.... FFS

Full blown tantrum as Master 4 wanted to do the "yogo".... FFS

Did the at home version instead.... no FFS

Master 4 lost interest and took about a gazillion selfies and some interesting pictures of mum attempting to get her zen flowing.... FFS

Miss 1, getting in on the yoga mat action 

Finished up, stood up, stomach churning head pounding... FFS

Guessing the cheeseburger didn't agree with me after being off the menu for 15 or so weeks... no FFS

Drank some water, went for a sneaky lay down.... no FFS

Miss 1 is awake... FFS

At least it's a nice day... no FFS

Dear Baby G

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