Friday, 9 August 2013

FFS Friday

I'm jumping on the bandwagon for FFS Friday, a brainchild of the lovely Dear Baby G, I've been silently stalking theses posts for weeks so check it out,

Dear Baby G

What's been giving me the shits this week? 
I'm glad you asked! 

This morning my darling Miss 1 slept in until 9am  - No FFS

When she finally awoke chattering away I went in to pick get and was assulted by the smell of vomit... lots of vomit... FFS
New hair = awesome

She's 1, how can she produce that much... FFS

Stuck her and Master 4 in the shower together and attempted to remove smell from her room, returned to find Master 4 washing her hair.... no FFS

Pity he was using body wash... FFS 

She wasn't worried so I supervised procedure while drinking my cup of coffee while it was still hot.. No FFS 

Vomit smell effectively removed from child... No FFS

Nap time will be a different story as Mr Z the pillowpet will still be in the wash... FFS 

Work has been sucking ass, because I'm a sucker, agreed to work both Saturday and Sunday... FFS

Post Zumba double hair = FFS
At least it's with penalty rates... No FFS

Last week decided to cut my hair off ... no FFS

Didn't take into account that I would actually need to style it... FFS

Or that post exercising makes me look kind of like a porn star... FFS
When doing said exercise product from attempted styling liquefies and runs down your neck... Say it with me EEWWW and.... FFS 

Been well on track this week with my eating/ organizing/ exercising... no FFS

Pity it's between rounds of 12wbt... FFS

At least we wont starve over the weekend as I have enough food prepped to keep us going for at least a week... No FFS

Means that D's Daddy day care will have one less thing to stress over... No FFS
Kids have been really quiet while I've been blogging... No FFS
Better make sure they haven't destroyed anything.... FFS

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  1. Gosh I know all about kid vomit - I always wonder how they can be so small, yet manage to produce so much!