Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Small victories

Today I am in a world of pain, Smashed out my weights session last night while being in a REALLY bad mood worked a treat on my mood but my poor arms know all about today.

$31 of home delivered goodness (minus a few items)
I've gotten a little sad reading the forums today as people are posting fantastic losses after only days on the program, I remember last round and how I actually recorded my loss 500g higher as I couldn't quite believe I'd lost so much. Today I had a stay the same... how depressing. I'm assuming it due to fluid and my body still trying to get over the gastro bug, or my muscles retaining water.
For whatever reason I have the mantra in my head
"Stick with it and the numbers will show" running through my head.
Though to be honest it's not like I've followed the program the past 3 days, exercise smashed it but the meal plans, not so much. Been keeping to calories but my macro levels have been a little off. Today has been much better, finally was able to shop for the rest of week
*hello payday*
I also discovered a nearby fruit shop that gives free home delivery if you order of $30 worth of stuff. I ordered Friday and again today produce seems great and keeps me away from the supermarket mid-week for the fresh food re-stock.
All they need to do is add milk and bread to the store and I'd pretty much be able to shop monthly at the supermarket. Maybe I should email them? Perhaps they would swing by Coles on the way to my place for tomato sauce and cruskets as well... that'd be awesome!

Asking too much?

I'd plug them shamelessly and so make it worth there while!


Closest I've been to hitting Macro goal in a long time
Yesterday, not so close 

So that leads me to this afternoon, Miss 1 discovered last night that she was able to propel herself out of the cot, then hurrah and clap herself, then climb back in and start all over again... at 1am till 3am.... the game did not amuse me as much as it did her. As a result she slept until 8:30 and was back in bed by 11am. She was just starting her nap when it dawned on me that I would need to go to the supermarket at some stage... now she's asleep... crap that means two kids... double crap!

So after picking Master 4 up from kinder we trundled down to the shops. It was fairly painless, minimal additional items bought, minimal yelling from me or destruction of shop fronts displays or specials boards but as

we were leaving I stopped to long in front of doughnut king with thoughts of a latte on my mind...

Master 4: "No mummy, lets have watermelon I don't want doughnuts"

*fist pump*

Now the important question, do I go to Body Attack or RPM tonight hmm?


  1. When you have DOMS your muscles retain fluid, so I think you've probably had a loss this week but are retaining fluid for your sore muscles. I'm glad I'm not the only one with DOMS... I feel like I'm 100 at the moment... Maybe we should "Granny up"

  2. The numbers will absolutely show if you stick with it! People always see huge numbers at the start; I didn't lose anywhere near as much each week for the rest of the round last round... and this time I gained (a bit too much fun in Adelaide, I think).

    I'm glad to see your little wins though! Home delivery! Smashing your workouts! and Master 4 being a healthy little champ! I hope that Miss 1's little game was a one-night-only kind of performance!

    I'm cheering for you :)