Friday, 2 August 2013

Almost finished

master 4 the masterchef 
Round 2 is coming to a close,
things have been pretty insane around here but I will do a full rundown after I finish my fitness test.

Proud to report however I am 7.1kg down for the round, and 35.5 cm

Could have been more but yesterday I had lunch at the kinder restaurant,
I ate pumpkin soup, garlic butter, homemade pasta and a half a yoyo all lovingly prepped by Master 4's kinder group.

My jelly was in front of me for about 10 seconds before it was eaten by master 4....

I ate too much but I regret nothing!

Our menu eat your hearts out cause it was yummy! 

Day's like yesterday made me realize I will never make a good kinder teacher, but I sure as hell thought they were cute as buttons doing the chef, waiter, server, bartender roles but trying to keep fifteen 4 to 6 year olds on task for 2 hours would leave me in a blubbering mess.... not to mention my brain probability would have exploded

Both kids are also sick with colds, so getting them to eat anything has been an adventure, they are both living off yogurt and fruit muffins and once they are well again I will start dishing them up the 12wbt meals hopefully they will get on the bandwagon with minimal fuss and continue to show me that this program can work for families.
Master 4's drawing of me and him, and trying to write his name! and the little present we got when we arrived 


  1. Thankfully it seemed like most of the 12WBT meals were going down a treat previously, also I hear there are 60 new recipes to have a crack at this round coming :) Congratulations on your 7.1kg loss, I hope you are proud of your efforts!!

    I hope everyone is feel better soon!

  2. Awesome end of round results - good on you!! x