Thursday, 25 July 2013

Shopping Adventures

Monday this week was the last day of my leave from work so in true form decided to live it up and go shopping. Due to being a lot on the poor side that meant op-shop crawl in the 4 hours while kids were at child care. Now I have refrained from buying anything under an 18 for the past 6 years, every so often I'd take a chance on a stray XL but vary rarely, most of my wardrobe is from kmart or millers.
I've recently been utilizing Facebook buy swap and sell groups for bargains and have hit onto a few winners as my weight has been coming off, I've stuck to familiar brands and done well most of the time. Now I am in a whole new world, my size 16 jeans are starting to go a little loose... my size 16 tops looking like hessian sacks.
So in my excitement I went on he hunt for size 14 tops, jeans and shoes.....

Total Tally $21.95
3 short sleeved casual tops
2 long sleeved tops for wearing with leggings
1 size 14 workout jacket,
1 size 14 jeans....

Now when I got home and looked a little closer.... I noticed the tag
Tummy trimmer... high rise (that's good right no muffin top?)
Slim..... (shit I have rounded thighs, I hold my weight in my thighs and my belly...)

As you can imagine, they did not fit
Was I disappointed? Admittedly a little but not like the old me who would have eaten to feel better, I went to the gym and smashed out a session instead, then put the jeans onto the top shelf of my wardrobe.... to forget about them...
But they kept calling my name... making me glace at them every time I went in
Michelle... try me on... I might fit... you never know... maybe you didn't pull them up far enough?

Today, after thinking about it, I've decided to borrow Kate's operation yellow dress idea (

I'll take photo's every few weeks, and next time I'll measure how far up my thighs they can go,
So excuse the partial nudity but at least you will understand the mammoth task at hand for the 'tummy trimming' feature of said jeans.

This was as far as I could get them up my thighs :(

I've always been a bootcut, boyfriend, flairs kind of jeans person.
Always a size 14 or above to boot.

Also as a side note.... I'm no expert but they look pretty small for 14's...
Given I also picked up 2 pairs of 16 from a friend this week and they are both pretty loose I'm sure these are actually size 10's that have been mislabeled...


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