Tuesday, 23 July 2013


The most incredible thing happened last night,
Buffalo wings, I love them so much and cannot resist them on a menu
My inlaws paid for round 3 of 12wbt, D and I had made our peace with the fact we wouldn't be able to afford the next round. I was said and a little scared but had busily been saving recipes and building meal plans and really getting revved up about going it alone.
My inner devil was laughing away with the inner dialogue about not having the self control, and I was terrified about it having D home from work for one week has led to a huge amount of overindulgence and 'treat mentality'
2 trips to the cinema's,
4 meals out (all which involved chips and/or dessert)
Pizza and beer infront of the TV
slacking with meals and falling back into old habits...

My goal this week is to tighten my game back up and finish with a bang, my 10kg goal for the round is not going to happen, but rather than sulk, I'll make these last two weeks count.

Cupcake quiches, delish! 
Then my second round,
My inlaws are engaged and interested in our health and have commented on how much better we are eating, and the positive role modelling on the kids. I'd had discussions with MIL about how good the meal planning was and how it made it so easy to know what was coming up next as well as the time saving element of shopping lists. She is a big one for organization so was impressed by this element.
She stated how the kids horizons have expanded, though Master 4 is still picky he is MUCH better than before... and miss 1, well she will give anything a red hot go really.
I was starting to get concerned that they hadn't commented or noticed any weight loss as everyone else around us was full of positive words. Turns out they view it on a different level, to them we are not losing weight we are getting healthy which is so much more important to them than a number on the scales. My FIL has terminal cancer and after years of sideways remarks I've come to realize they want us to be well and that's what's important, not just weight loss, or stopping drinking and smoking.
They can see this program is working for us, so they want us to keep at it.

I am truly blessed by caring and loving people around me.

So tomorrow is weigh in, and I forsee another gain, but that's ok Yesterday was a good day, today will be a good day. If I can be good until end of round then maybe... just maybe...

I can have pizza and beer as a treat!

Miss 1 vs Mexican Pie, hands down winner in the household


  1. Oftentimes I find 12wbt hard because I don't have a huge support network. My friends love eating and my husband, although supportive, is not all that interested in trying to get healthy. I think it's fabulous that you have so many people on your side, and that you really value them.
    Let's smash the next two weeks & end this round with a bang! :D

  2. Oh that's so great to hear! I'm glad that you'll be able to continue having the support of the program! I'm looking forward to reading more of your journey!

  3. Great to have that kind of support from your inlaws. Keep up the great work.