Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Today started off in a bad way, The alarm sounded at 5:15...
I wanted to hit snooze and bail on the gym, but I didn't I got up and went
Hindsight however has shown me that perhaps sleeping would have been better for me as I only half assed my combat class. Strange for me as I normally start slow but get into it but this morning I never got that second wind.
I'm also really angry at my partner in crime as she was supposed to come, but 'the alarm didn't go off'
D is on holidays this week, so I have the opportunity to go to gym whenever I felt like it... I was doing the 6am class to help my friend out as her partner is working lates this week. 
She feels bad, so now I feel bad for being pissed off about it. 

To add insult to injury when I got on the scales it showed a gain.... 

My inner teenager reared it's ugly head and started the 'it's not working why are you bothering dialogue' Which also didn't help the enthusiasm levels for gym.
I started the excuse train... it's because I'm still holding booze weight from Pink, I'm still holding popcorn from out movie trip on Monday, I haven't drunk enough water... blah blah blah.... 
I've been exercising my heart out, walking heaps done 5 classes in 3 days to try and make up for my sins yet that damn scale still didn't show me what I wanted to see.

*glares at scale* 

My brain was in overdrive, attempting to justify my gain, work out what went wrong.
All other days except Sat I was well within calories, I'd been exercising regularly. Whoever wrote that saying that one meal doesn't ruin a week I want to see you so i can kick you in the shin's... I had one day where I ate carbonara, drank vodka and danced the night away... I even drank sugar free mixers...
Totaling 1755 calories for the day (including booze) 
My net calories are still WAY under for the week....

Mathematics's say I should have lost... did the scale miss the memo... or did I stuff up in a colossal way and not realize. 
Screw you scales,
Screw you maths,

Then I took Master 4 to kinder,
In my rush to get ready I left the house in leggings and ugg boot's (I know I'm all bogan class today) 
Was met with wolf whistles and MANY comments on where my ass has gone and how good I'm looking from the other mum's. I was asked about the program, how it was all going and if I liked it. One was asking about the kids and how they like it as she has kids of varying ages and would like to give it a shot.

One comment really stood out, 'It's not even the weight loss, you look so much healthier and happy within yourself" 
This on a day where my inner dialogue was so negative and I'd had a gain.

All of a sudden the voices shut up,
I have achieved so much doing this program and one week and one bad result shouldn't stop me from feeling proud for everything I've done so far. My journey is still in it's infancy but it's really so nice when the rest of the world starts to notice.

10am, maybe my 'bad day' isn't so bad after all.  


  1. I've been guilty at not looking at the bigger picture as well, rather than focussing on the gain. Sounds like it's been a gain week for a lot of people. Hey and as for the half assed session today, I think sometimes it's just like that. The mind might be almost willing but the body not. Sometimes I go out running and I swear I'm running with tree stumps for legs, it just doesn't happen like it's meant to.

    So you feel proud, lets both look at the big picture and continue on from here.


  2. Remember those compliments, they are so well-deserved. Keep going! You can do it, I'm cheering you on :)