Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Master 4 getting in to the meatball prep
Work lately has really been getting me down, so much that I cannot change no matter how I want to, I've noticed that my attitude and sleeping patterns have been off because of it. I've taken 3 weeks leave with my final shift being last night. To be honest I have been entertaining the thought of changing jobs but continually putting it in the too hard basket while doing 12wbt. D also has next week off so I'm hoping for some clarity and a chance to really sit down and think about what I want and where I want to be career wise. I know it's not Friday but I have posted some winner NSV's on Facebook this week so I though I'd document them here, so that I can look back on those days when I'm feeling really low.

Even though I missed my dinner break at work last night, I didn't stop at Macca's on the way home, I bought a sandwich and a bottle of water from the service station. Didn't even consider getting chocolate.
I also looked at the nutrition panel, and choose with my head... though the chicken schnitzel one did look yum, wasn't worth the calories though!

I am $30 away from a brand new pair of Asic's that are on layby... I'm so excited as my poor old puma's are almost ready to fall apart.
We love meatballs

I take the high options at Attack and Combat classes, no more 'I cant' I do, until I physically cannot anymore instead of always option for the low options.

Kids have continued to eat EVERYTHING that is being dished up to them. Master 4 is interested and engaged and loves to 'help' cook. At the supermarket he takes great pleasure in getting the veggies that we need and even asks for help. He asked the produce worker where the Gai Lam was today as he couldn't find it.... hence we ended up with two bunches of endives instead but we will go with it.
You can stir fry that right?

I climbed the fire trail at Mt Dandenong with a good friend, took us 2 and a half hours, we got lost twice but made it up and back alive and almost willing to do it again. Though my butt was sore for a good two days.

Snapshot from the top, foggy but still beautiful 

I finally got into the workout tight bandwagon, snaffled some from Aldi, bought L and XL.... the larges fit like a dream so now not sure what to do with the XL pair... :D
My ass looks pretty hot in them too...

Last week had sore and aching muscles for 5/7 days, and kind of liked it

Have turned down yummy foods on offer and opted for better options, Been going to bed early and though still slightly addicted to popcorn and ginger nut cookies is much better than the bag of potato chips and lollies that I used to consume at night.

I ran a km in 6 minutes... does that make me a runner? I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could make that kind of time, that's real running time, not fat shuffling time.
That was with needing to slow and pull up said running tights, does that make them too big? or just gravity and my rolls not compatible at high speeds?

Fingers crossed for a good result tomorrow, though even if I lose nothing on the scales, I feel that I've all ready won :)


  1. You are seriously kicking some goals. As for does that make you a runner??? I've been told the first time you go out you are a jogger. Get up and go out a second time, you are definitely a runner!!!

    You get away with yourself, you running girl you!!! :-)


  2. Great work on all of your successes! Congrats on that running time!! It's so great that your kids are still loving the food, it must be such a relief and it is excellent that Master 4 is so keen to help out! He will be picking up some good skills for when he gets older as well :)