Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday Night

So It's been a full on weekend, work has been insane but it certainly keeps me occupied, also gets me laughing at times when  didn't really feel like it. I'll spare you the nurse humor however I will tell a little story,
When I had Master 4 he spent from 2 months old till 7 months old at work with me, now let me tell you if you think animals are good for dementia care, you should see what happens with babies!
I was working twice a week and he would come, and spend his day at activity groups either on the floor or in his pram. I would see him for bottles and bum changes... after a while I didn't even see him for those as the other staff (and residents) would share him around and do whatever it took for a snuggle.
To this day, residents, family members and staff constantly ask how he is and ask for photo's which of course I'm happy to provide, and most are completely shocked that he may be heading off to school next year but it makes for a very nice family feel at work.
Also the comments are coming thick and fast about my weight loss, everyone seems to have noticed and it's really great for my moral!
Doesn't change the fact that I'm pretty wreaked from my 2 days shifts with tomorrow night looming on the horizon. On the way to work I have been fantasizing about running...
Car pulling out of driveway at 6am... by 10 past I'm thinking 'it's light enough, I can run in this.... gives me and hour and a half before D leaves for work.... wonder how far I could run in an hour'


So I made a decision on Wednesday that because of my issue with the scales, I wont be weighing in again until the 25th of September....
So far so good, I'm feeling really positive and focusing on my eating and getting back into routine with exercise, tomorrow I'm going to do strength at the gym.... then run Tuesday morning...

Wednesday I'm trying crossfit....

I know I don't really believe it either!

We have had some winner meals this week, tonight we had 'Brinner' or Breakfast for dinner.... (that's what I get for letting D choose)
Pancakes, with scrambled eggs, chorizo and spinach and it was delish!

Feeling strong and confident that I can smash this... can I hold it together for 24 days without the scales to keep me on track? I'm hoping that it's the kick I need to finally let go of what they say and just work towards being a healthier and fitter version of me.


  1. Firstly, brinner is the best. D has good taste. Secondly, that's amazing to hear that people are starting to notice!! Woooooohoooooo!

    Also, you're trying crossfit! Please update us on how that goes, I keep hearing about it but actually have no idea what it's about. AND I love that you're thinking about running all of the time! Who is this person? An awesome, active person who is on her way to massive results, that's who!

    You can definitely do the next 24 days scale-free! I think it's great that you've realised there's a problem and you're taking action (or... non-action) to work it out.

  2. I am really interested to hear how you go with this. I too feel like I'm concentrating on the number a little too much and letting it dictate to me how my day is going to go. Keep posting so I can get to hear how your mindset is going with this, feeling strong? feeling in control?

    Oh and as for breakfast for dinner, we've done that a number of times too! Yum.