Friday, 13 September 2013

Fistpump Friday

Been an up and down day,

In and out and running around like a mad woman.

Eating has been good, Dave is out for dinner so I ended up having french toast for dinner instead of leftover stir-fry as planned.
Winner especially for me who passionately hates stir fries 

Speech Path has recommended Master 4 start school next year (cue mummy losing her marbles!)

Every day I wake up with a new theory about what's better for my son next year, I was back on the second year at kinder bandwagon but now my brain is well stuffed

Miss 1 has had an ear infection and burst ear drum therefore miserable! poor love...

No drinks for me at all this week, even tonight when I'm home alone!

Got new tights and a singlet from Running Bare...
Singlet is too big...
Attempting to decide if I send the singlet back or attempt to alter it,
I'm now leaning towards sending it back

D has been going great guns and is dropping weight like no-ones business, he's dropped another pants size and is now SERIOUSLY desperate for new clothes.

MFP is my bestie again, I'm back on the tracking bandwagon.

Though in an effort to punish me my HRM clonked out during RMP which I was shattered about

While in the mode of trying stuff on, had a go at my Game of Thrones singlet...

And it fits....

                                                                     Hell's Yes!


  1. That top looks really good on you! I might have to investigate running bare so I can get some nice tanning in pre-summer, haha! Plus so I can look more stylish when I go running! At the moment I'm wearing (no joke) t-shirts from when I was 11; my parents used to bring me home a souvenir t-shirt whenever they went away and I've finally found a use for them after all this time!!! As I type I am wearing a jumper I have had for 17 years and got it second-hand to begin with....oh dear! Fashion alert!!! ;)

  2. It sounds like a lot of great things are happening!! That's awesome :) and both of those singlets look great!

    I'm sorry that you're not sure about what is happening with Master 4, I hope you get some more clarity about it all soon. At least you know that he is happy and well looked after.