Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Objective archived, those are numbers below 80kg

And I couldn't be happier, 
I remember doing this before, losing and gaining the same kilo for weeks on end,
and it completely did my head in! 

No head games to report, no stress over the number and no guilt (or pride) about what went in my mouth.

I'm so pleased at the outcome even though my total loss for this round is 2.5kg (not the most impressive)

Still have 5 weeks to go and I'm so enthused to keep kicking it, maybe I can be under 75 for NYE? Almost double and a half my original goal! 
Thanks a billon for the support all here on Instagram and Facebook, couldn't have done it without you xoxo 


  1. Nice one!!! I am so happy for you - keep up the good work, superstar! xx

  2. Oh I did see this on Instagram! Great results for your experiment :) and 2.5kg is still awesome, any loss is movement in the right direction!!

  3. I've already screamed my happiness at you on instagram, but I can't tell you how happy I am mate, totally. You've certainly given me hope. I've chosen mid-October before I get on the scales again. You've just proven to many of us that although we knew there were head games, we sometimes let it get the better of us. Why is say 82 to 79.5 any different to 93 to 90.5 or 105 to 102.5. It's still 2.5 kg, just that that ledge into the 70's seems so hard to crack. Good one!

    So tell us, did you find that by no weighing in you remained even more vigilant and resolved to get the food/exercise right, or did it just all fall into place?