Friday, 17 May 2013

Tears, tantrums and teamwork

So today was a fairly awful day for me. I've been struggling with 1200 calorie limit feeling completely exhausted and emotional. I've read through a million forums and the general consensus is how I'm feeling is fairly normal.
Also today I've been starving, all day! Once again consensus is this is normal :( 
Kept it cool and drank what felt like 50 million pots of green tea but lost the plot one D got home from work, I cried my heart out begged for ice cream and a sleep in tomorrow.
Thankfully he knows me well enough to say the right things and NOT produce the yummies. Sleep in tomorrow I've already canned for an early morning workout at the lake.
Made pies.... Kangaroo was off, so defrosted chicken mince instead, was yum, and have enough left over for work Sunday. 
After a hot shower, some dinner, and the prospect of an early night I feel much better. Even though I feel like I'm at rock bottom I can only hope things improve..

In the good news, seems I have a workout partner in the form of Master 4.... Who was most upset that I wouldn't let him use dumbbell's or cans like on the movie

Excuse the mess, but housekeeping was the last thing on my mind. 

Also miss 1 attempted to eat my wrap, so I made her one of her own she scoffed it all and I'm patting myself on the back for being a good influence.

Even a sooking, grumpy and short tempered mummy can do good even on the worst of days :) 

Check it out I think mummy deserves a point for this one!

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  1. Things will definitely get better :) I've been cranky and hungry too but I know if I give it another week or so things will start to level out.

    Kids do the darndest cute though and it's great that they can see you doing these things and start to get involved. The wrap looks yum! I would have scoffed it down too! Good work and best wishes :)