Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Week 3 already!

I can't believe that yesterday was the beginning of week 3,
I feel like I blinked and missed it.
One thing I must say is that my illness REALLY knocked me on my ass last week. after a few walks to and from kinder and very short bursts on the wii I felt as though I wasn't really getting anywhere, It also highlighted that I was a lot less organized that I believed I was.
On Sunday my appetite returned with a vengeance that knew no bounds and my body was screaming for sweet comfort foods and seemed that nothing was enough to satisfy. Lot's of air popped popcorn was consumed and a very early night was had.

This week I have been focusing my efforts on organization.
I have been freezer stocking meals, so I have portions of butter chicken all ready in, with dahl and chicken and quinoa soup container-ed but not in as yet.

                         OMG best meal EVER!

Last week's Winner recipe was the fish stew.
OMG Amazing.... plus my daughter ate it... I was shocked but she loved it

Current Tally
(though it's slightly out of whack due to being sick and succumbing to the 'easy' meals excuse)

12wbt: 12 ~~~~ Kids: 3 

I am most looking forwards to zumba this evening feels like forever since I've sweat it out.
Fingers crossed for a loss tomorrow, even though I don't really deserve one!

Today Miss 1 and I enjoyed the dahl for lunch I cheated with the recipe a little by making it 3 portions and having some delicious garlic Afgan bread... SO worth it, and I'm most happy to take the calories for a 350 lunch and have a lighter snack!


  1. Hey no worries! We all get sick in Winter (I'm dreading it a little) and it sounds like you've really stuck to the eating plan so you could still have a loss! I saw somewhere that nutrition counts for something like 80% of weightloss results.

    How good was the Dhal?! We had it last night for dinner and just then again for lunch. I had some calories left over so I had it was a pita pocket :) It felt like having naan bread with curry.

    It's good to hear that your kids are still enjoying the food too.

  2. Well done! Hope you're on the mend now and will be back to your best very soon. Keep up the great efforts

  3. You are going so well with your kids! I loved that fish stew as well - wasn't too sure about it when I read the recipe, but it was totally delish!

  4. I looooved the fish stew. So filling and delicious. My hubby actually said to me "so are we cheating tonight?" he didn't think it was one of our 12wbt meals it was so good.

    Love the meal pics.