Thursday, 16 May 2013


I've lost count of my kids vs 12wbt...
I will review pictures and post shortly, I've noticed that I'm exhausted and grumpy but I'm putting it down to low calories high burn. Today I am in negative calories according to MFP which is setting the alarm bells off a little. Perhaps I've spent too long convincing myself I need to eat to lose and now my brain is playing games.
I see a meltdown in my future but I'm trying to damage control it now before I crack.
Today I cried over nothing to my mum which is also unlike me. It's been pouring rain all day but I still went to zumba like a good girl, wagged the weights session but will back to back it with the stretching tomorrow if the kids will allow it.
Must say D has been my rock these past few days, his quiet enthusiasm for the program and pre-preparing meals has surprised and encouraged me.
Bless a good man, they are few and far between!

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