Thursday, 16 May 2013

Winners and losers


After a few failed days both my kids thoroughly enjoyed the Bircher muesli pity D and I weren't fans! 
Both ate fish with steamed veg (instead of salad) 
Miss 1loved the stroganoff, master 4 not so much.... But he tried it... And ate some :D
Most surprisingly, both loved the soft boiled egg with solders...
(Master 4 asked if could have them again tomorrow)

Total tally in
(Please note my kids have sandwiches for lunch at this stage so only breakfast and dinners counted)
12wbt: 4, kids: 1

No score for 3 meals as only Miss 1 ate 2, and only Master 4 ate 1.
4 Days in and I would say the kids are adapting and embracing the changes albeit with a few tears and bribes thrown in for good measure. 


  1. Boiled eggs and soldiers are a favourite in our house. Who can resist dipping bread in eggs! I hit upon the idea many months ago as I stood frustratingly watching my Miss 2yo have a tantrum because I got her the wrong cereal with the wrong amount of milk. I realised I was giving her too many choices, and I was eating different food entirely.... I needed something that we could all eat and that wouldn't cause a fuss.... This is what we ate!!

    Cass @

  2. What a great blog and adorable children you have. Think of this as not only getting you on the road to health and fitness, but an investment in their future. Bless them for trying the food. Good luck with everything!!


  3. How adorable! It's fantastic that they are trying all the food. We have a meal time rule of "try everything" which works quite well with my son, especially if we pair it with some non-food rewards/bribery. To avoid issues when he's stroppy I sometimes make dishes that I know he likes, but just use a healthier recipe :)