Sunday, 19 May 2013

SSS and resting

Tonight I ran myself a hot bath, added in some Epsom salts and had a little mummy meditation...
Until both kidlets decided mummies bath was so much more fun that eating dinner...

Yesterday I did the SSS with two super awesome girls from the local Facebook group. I am so glad that they put it out that they were doing training together and anyone was welcome. Cause boy did I feel stupid. By the end however despite being sore, sweaty and sorry for myself we managed to knock out 650cal of the days activity.
Once home, I fired up the wii and Master 4 and I had some fun playing for an hour and cooking off an additional 400cal. Though it was slow going the wii isn't an attack class that's for sure it was good to involve the kids and enjoy my last part of the burn rather than struggle through it.
In saying that my energy levels seem to have spiked again (thank goodness) and that JFDI mindset kicked in and pushed me further than I could have achieved going it alone.

Had a small dietary blip when we went to see a friend in hospital after an accident with her pressure cooker. By 3pm realized I was starving but only had dodgy food available and though I enjoyed every mouthful of my wedges and steamed dim sim still had some guilt on about it.

Dinner was the AWESOME salmon stir fry! How have I not thought to stir fry salmon before?
All in all under calories for the day so a win all around .

Breakfast Fritatta: for the win

Today was supposed to be my rest day but I had work, I'm an enrolled nurse in aged care so my fitbit was having a field day clocking up steps, stairs and average burn. By the time I got home I was exhausted and Fitbit proudly tells me I've burned just shy of 2000 calories from my shift at work.
Perhaps I need to reconsider what rest means and change my day if appropriate. For now I'll leave it alone and re-assess as week two goes on.

I may have eaten trifle today... you know because I deserved it.... Tiny bit shattered at my enabling attitude and how the devil on my shoulder won this round :(

Once home and soaking my weary body my darling D had cooked tea for tonight...
Looked amazing,
Smelled devine,
Unfortunately tasted awful.... so alas we encountered our first 12wbt fail meal

Just lucky I didn't feed it to the kids!

Current tally,
12wbt: 6, Kids: 2 

Both ate yesterdays breakfast of scrambled eggs and baked beans,
Neither would eat the breakfast fritatta (which I though was delish, plus had a complement of how good it smelt when I heated it up at work)
Both also ate the pies.... though once again Master 4 wasn't overly keen, in saying that D was home with them today so followed the meal plan and dished it up to them without a second thought

Someone give this man a prize!


  1. Mmmmm. I didn't do the frittat because I went to my dads. It looked so good though, I will have to try it during the week.

    I am having meal envy!! I did the meat pies tonight though, I was surprised to enjoy the kangaroo.

  2. I haven't tried these recipes yet, but the ones I have tried are yummo! My favourites so far are; Healthy Vegan Muffins, Asparagus & Sweet Potato Soup and the Tuna & Vegie Lasagne!

  3. Great blog, so glad I found it/you. What a wonderful job you are doing including your children in the nutrition side of things. Congratulations on all your efforts and on your terrific start to the program. I'll be cheering you on.

  4. That's so good that you have been able to connect with other 12WBTers for your SSS. Also I love that you found a fun way to exercise and involve your kids :)