Saturday, 11 May 2013


So lets begin with an introduction,

I am 4 days shy of turning 31 years old, and for all of those years I have been 'big'

For the past few years I have gone from the happy fat girl to really caring a more about my weight. Not in the classical sense of I cant wear a bikini but because of the health implications. I speak no word of a lie when I say being big has not really bothered me, I was and still am a happy and outgoing person, I wore what I wanted and did what I wanted.
Through my teen's I worked hard, partied hard and didn't really pay much attention to what was going into my mouth.
Through my 20's I worked hard, studied, met the love of my life and became content in my chosen career. I also became a mother. I learnt some terrible and wonderful lessons in my time.
Then I turned 30, and my focus shifted it's not just about me anymore. I can keep being fat or I can change my ways. I have a family that needs me around, I want to be a grandmother and a great grandmother  want to be a blessing on my children, not a burden.
Now I have a family Master 4 and Miss 1 I am noticing the relationship that I have with food also reflecting onto my kids so the buck has officially been stopped. My son would live of chicken nuggets and chocolate and he LOVES to eat. Will my bad habits become his. All those times that I was told no, only to save up and eat that bag of potato chips alone and savor every mouthful. I don't want that for my babes,

I do not want my kids to be comfort eaters
I do not want my kids to be bullied or teased for how they look
I do not want my kids to grow up thinking that they deserve less because of how they look
Most of all
I do not want to be a hypocrite, how can I insist they eat well while I eat like garbage.

I have been slogging it out on my own using snippets of information and tracking what I eat. Though I have been losing it is painfully slow I have had failed attempts at a number of plans and programs that for whatever reason didn't work for me.

I have just signed up for the Michelle Bridges 12wbt,
and I'm excited, my other half is on board and my kids will have to come along for the ride.... kicking and screaming if need be.

That is the purpose of this blog not only to keep myself accountable but to show that this program can be kid friendly, I know it was my biggest concern signing up.

Life has changed, it's not just me anymore, whatever choices I make have a ripple effect on those I love so I need to tread carefully and be the best I can be which will hopefully result in my children being well informed and healthy adults.

Master 4, the hard sell

Miss 1, will try anything once 

I am not perfect but I will do everything in my power to set my children on the right path, and correct my own 

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  1. You have some amazing little motivators!
    Good luck with everything. You can do it!