Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Weigh in Day, Week 2

Hi all,
Didn't realise I'd neglected to post this! 
This week yielded a 700g loss, I've been stalking a lot in the forums and seen so many people disappointed with 1kg plus loses.
I don't get it? 
Any loss is good right?
Or did I miss the memo regarding 'appropriate weight loss on 12wbt?' 

In other news I'm still really unwell, chesty and razor blade throat. Muma has started her antibiotics and I'm hoping to be on the mend again soon. No workouts until my fever breaks though which I feel has really hurt this week :( 

My food has been at 70% yesterday I wagged dinner to sleep. Today I had mandatory training at work which was catered, I'd planned to take lunch but slept through my prep time.

Today however D made the meatballs and it was a hit all around! I did make steamed veg instead of Tabuli as I'm not up to new and exciting meals ATM :)

Master 4 loves meatballs

Miss 1 was also impressed :)

Fingers crossed I'm back fighting fit soon


  1. It's funny, I've seen those posts too. I think any loss is a great loss. Still on the downward spiral. And our bodies are mysteries for goodness sakes, we can do everything right and yet nothing budges. So onward and downward I say.

    And I do think those meatballs certainly have gotten the stamp of approval there :-) That's a satisfied face if I've ever seen one.


  2. I've seen those same comments and I must say I find it frustrating. I'm super thrilled with any loss or even a 'stay the same' because this isn't just 12 weeks to me, it is the rest of my life, and I honest believe that the longer it takes me the more sustainable it will be because the changes I will have made will be more permenant. Every person's journey is different and their lives are different. I tend to ignore those comments as much as I can.

    Oh and LOVE the meatballs here in my house too!