Thursday, 14 November 2013

Adjustment Period

So I really want to get on here and say that I've been super great, doing my exercise and eating super clean, unfortunately that's not the case I'm taking longer to a just to my new adventures than I had anticipated.
So in the typical style I just took the excuse and ran with it.
Bummer right? Well today I have been doing some planning, Monday night someone said to me are you just busy or are you being productive?
Stopped me dead in my tracks
Sure we can all be busy but how much do we actually get done? I have been throwing that busy card around like no-ones business. Can't cook, too busy.... Can't exercise... to busy...
But what am I actually doing?
To be honest, not a whole lot....
So today that is all changing, I am using my diary to actually write out get it done lists, I am also meal planning, slotting in times for shopping, food prep and of course the million other commitments I have going on.
So being busy is no longer an excuse,
From today forwards I will be productive with my time,
Next week I will rectify my lack of exercise situation by seamlessly inserting into my days.
For this week I will be getting my nutrition back on the bandwagon and sorting out how much time I actually spend doing nothing and fill that time up with far more useful things.

On that note, I have children that are waiting to play hungry hungry hippo's
I'll be checking in again soon


  1. It's a great week to refocus - we can check in on each other :)

  2. Been wondering how you've been going mate.


  3. Hellooooooooo??????? You still in there? Just checking. We're in this together remember. I'll pester you until you surface.